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Welcome to my Supervision page, where I invite you to explore my distinctive approach to clinical supervision. As a supervisor, I aim to create a collaborative, supportive, and enriching dynamic environment that fosters growth and development for therapists at all stages of their professional journey. I offer supervision to CBT therapists, integrative therapists and coaches who value this way of working.

My integrative approach weaves together systemic and relational dynamics while incorporating creative techniques to unlock new perspectives and overcome obstacles. Drawing on the integrative framework of the Seven-Eyed Model of Supervision, developed by Robin Shohet and Joan Wilmot, I focus on seven key areas: the client, the therapist, the therapeutic relationship, the therapist’s internal process, the therapist-supervisor relationship, the supervisor’s process, and the wider systemic context. This comprehensive model allows us to delve deeply into each aspect of your practice, ensuring a holistic understanding. This approach is ideal for clinicians seeking to deepen their practice and navigate the complexities of therapeutic work.

What sets my supervision apart is the emphasis on creativity and whole-brain thinking. I encourage supervisees to engage both their analytical and creative intuitive faculties, fostering a balanced approach that goes beyond traditional methods. We might use metaphors, role-playing, or other creative interventions to gain insights into stuck points and to view challenges from fresh angles. This not only aids in resolving current issues but also enriches your overall therapeutic skill and effectiveness.

I invite you to join me for a supervision session to experience first hand how this integrative and creative approach can enhance your practice. Whether you are dealing with a challenging client, feeling stuck in your therapeutic work, or simply seeking to grow professionally, my supervision offers a supportive space for exploration and discovery. My aim is to support you in navigating the complexities of your therapeutic work, enhancing your reflective practice, and ultimately improving outcomes for your clients. Contact me today to schedule a session and take the next step in your professional journey.

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